The recent mini-series retracing the infamous OJ Simpson trial got us thinking about how far technology has come in aiding the legal profession to solve crimes. If Marcia Clark and her team had had access to, say a 3D printer, might they have had an easier time displaying crime scene visuals and things like Bruno Magli footprints? We will never know that answer, but we do know that 3D printing technology can provide some incredible tools for today’s lawyers and law enforcement personnel to obtain justice for victims of violent crime.

3D printing takes a flat image with little perspective or scale and produces an accurate-to-scale model, which bridges the gap between the expert imparting the information and the layperson who needs to understand it, visually and palpably.

Here are three new 3D printing applications that are helping the legal profession today: 

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Forensic Anatomic Models
  • Reconstruction of Destroyed Evidence

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