Setting up your law firm’s technology systems can be a daunting task. After all, it’s one of the many things not covered in the basic law school curriculum. And technology is changing at such an incredibly fast rate that it often seems impossible to keep up. That’s why many lawyers go the route of sticking their heads in the sand and conducting business as usual, foregoing all but the most basic aspects of technology.

However, astute lawyers know that’s simply an untenable course of action. Learning about technology in small bites and then selectively incorporating technology into a law practice is the best way to streamline your law firm and provide the best client service possible. The trick is finding helpful legal technology resources and making time to learn about and utilize the right technology tools for your law firm’s specific needs.

ABA Techshow is always a great place to start this education process. In fact, earlier this year, there was a seminar held on choosing technology for law firms, during which Rochelle Washington and Brian Focht offered their collective wisdom and legal technology tips. The presentation was titled “Beyond Baby Steps: Technology For Infrastructure,” and while Brian and Rochelle talked legal technology, Stephanie Crowley took visual notes of this session on behalf of MyCase.

Below you’ll find the visual notes from that session along with some of our favorite tips and links to sites that provide further information (click to view larger image):


1. Choose the right computer system

2. Consider using cloud-based legal software

3. Use law practice management software

4. Take advantage of client portals for communication

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