When it comes to making a decision about hiring a litigation consulting firm like A2L to support a trial team, I notice that many factors are intuitively persuasive to the consumer of such services.

With litigation graphics, most trial lawyers understand they benefit from outside help since jurors are mostly visual learners, and visual persuasion experts help bridge the communications gap between the trial lawyer and the typical American.

With jury consulting, most trial teams respond to the notion that an experienced jury consultant has watched thousands of jurors deliberate and can thus offer insights based on that unique experience. Further, it just makes sense to most people that a jury consultant is in the best position, given her training, to create a proper forum for scientifically valid and actionable jury research.

Here are some specific reasons why the new eyes of a litigation consultant and support staff can help.

  1. Trial lawyers are likely to be too close to their case.
  2. Trial lawyers identify with the client.
  3. It’s hard to imagine “simple” when you are very smart.
  4. Don’t Eat Your Own Fundraiser Doughnuts.
  5. Simple is hard to get to.
  6. Collaboration can be creative.
  7. Trials are rare, but not for litigation consultants.

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