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Arbitration is Meant to Save Time and Money, But Arbitration Hearings Still Involve a Lot of Unnecessary Heavy Lifting

With slimmed-down discovery and a more predictable forum, arbitration already brought significant advantages to your client over litigating your case in court. But when it comes time for the all-important arbitration hearing, you still find yourself

Printing & Copying



… thousands of pages of documents to and from the hearing.

Adios, cost savings. Thanks a lot, Paper.

How Can Lexcity Help?

Lexcity takes the paper and the hassle out of the process by giving you a single tool to present, mark and distribute exhibits and media at an arbitration hearing electronically.

By ditching the paper and using documents in their electronic state,  you and your staff get …

The Convenience

of no longer having to print, copy, folder, and lug or ship thousands of pages of exhibits to/from hearings

The Efficiency and Continuity

of using a single system to manage all exhibits and evidence, from discovery to decision

The Competitive Edge

that comes with using tech-savvy methods and decreased operational costs

Lexcity in Arbitration Hearings

Step 1. Create Virtual Exhibit Folders

Step 1. Create Virtual Exhibit Folders

Before the arbitration hearing, you or your staff create private virtual exhibit folders and upload documents online. If you've been using Lexcity to prep your witnesses or introduce documents and mark exhibits during depositions, you're already done.

Step 2. Mark & Distribute Exhibits

Step 2. Mark & Distribute Exhibits

During the arbitration hearing, easily mark and distribute your exhibits and media using a laptop or tablet. No need to bring paper copies because the arbitrators and other participants receive personal copies of marked exhibits on their devices.

Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode

Walk the arbitration panel or a witness through an exhibit by entering presentation mode. Mark up a document for all to see, or have the witness do the marking. Other participants can follow along with your presentation or work with their own copies instead.

Lexcity in Mediation

Instead of bringing binders of documents to present to the mediator and the other side during a joint mediation session, create a mediation session online, upload your documents, then use Lexcity to present exhibits at the mediation.


  • Monthly user license includesunlimited use in witness prep, depositions, hearings, mediation, trial and arbitration
  • Pricing is set by resellers (expected street price is around $100-$125/user/mo/case, depending on the number of users)