This article is written for both lawyers and non-lawyers

The techniques I share in this post work both in the courtroom and boardroom. You can use these tips to win your next trial or close an upcoming business deal.

When you are confronted by an “expert” for the other side, do what I do. Smile and use these proven approaches to achieve success.


In almost all trials, lawyers need to cross-examine the other side’s expert witnesses. There are 8 ways this can be done and depending on the issues and experts, good trial lawyers will approach this task using one or more of these methods.

YOU: Outside the courtroom, you can and should do the same thing when dealing with the other side’s expert. When I use the term “expert” in this article, I’m referring to the person of influence to the other person you are trying to negotiate with (the decision maker). The other side’s expert may also include the decision maker’s consultant, confidant, and even a significant other at home.
Approach #1: Make the Expert Your Witness
Approach #2: Attack the Expert’s Specialty
Approach #3: Attack the Expert’s Qualifications
Approach #4: Expose the Bias of the Other Side’s Expert
Approach #5: Attack the Other Experts Facts
Approach #6: Modify the Hypothetical
Approach #7: Impeach with Accepted Authority or Treatise
Approach #8: Attack the Expert Head On
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