Software Company Teams with eDiscovery Provider to Extend Litigation Software Offerings to Law Firm Clients.


Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

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eDepoze, LLC announced today that it has added Advanced Discovery as a reseller partner for its cloud-based litigation software platform, bringing new efficiencies to Advanced Discovery’s clients when they use eDepoze during traditionally paper-intensive litigation events.

Advanced Discovery will offer access to the eDepoze platform, which features eDepoze’s industry-leading deposition software and its Witness Prep 2.0TM product. The eDepoze system includes individual user accounts on a secure, cloud-based database; a web-based portal for account and document management and user interfaces through a web app and iPad app.

“We’re excited to open the door for Advanced Discovery to provide eDepoze to its great client base,” said Shawn Kennedy, CEO of eDepoze. “Law firms invest a lot of resources to review and analyze case documents through eDiscovery. Now they can use those case documents in an efficient way as the case proceeds to the deposition phase and beyond.”

With eDepoze’s deposition software, users securely upload potential exhibits to their account in advance of depositions, avoiding the hassle associated with printing and transporting paper exhibits and even traveling to some depositions. The software opens the door to new levels of collaboration and enables full control over the process, allowing users to securely share exhibits as they are marked and introduced, organize all exhibits and annotate and retain personal copies of all deposition materials, all through their laptop or iPad.

eDepoze’s Witness Prep 2.0 software similarly enables attorneys to collaborate on witness preparation sessions using electronic documents. The software allows attorneys to share documents and conduct witness interviews in person or remotely, eliminating the time consuming and costly process of printing boxfuls of documents to review and traveling to numerous face-to-face witness prep sessions.

“We see eDepoze as a huge step in moving the litigation process forward from a costly and inconvenient paper-heavy stage to a modern electronic environment,” said Rick Hutchinson, Advanced Discovery’s COO. “Our clients will be able to save time and money by using eDepoze for witness preparation and other events, all while maintaining the benefits of having a central, collaborative platform like they are used to working in throughout the eDiscovery process.”

The software is easy to use and provides a number of features and benefits for law firm users:

Enhanced collaboration: Attorneys and their case teams have shared access to the collections of electronic documents they plan to use for upcoming depositions and witness prep sessions. Because eDepoze is integrated with Relativity®, documents may be imported directly for use as potential exhibits.

Paperless deposition exhibits: Mark documents with custom exhibit stamps and instantly share them with all deposition participants using a desktop, laptop or iPad.

Intuitive process: Electronic exhibits mimic the paper deposition exhibit experience, including securing confidentiality of potential exhibits beforehand, marking and sharing individual exhibits on the fly and enabling participants to annotate and save personal copies.

Instant access: Walk away with immediate access to the official, stamped deposition exhibits plus any personal annotated versions.

Efficient witness preparation: Upload electronic copies of relevant documents for witness prep sessions, provide secure access to witnesses and the entire litigation team to review documents in advance and conduct a live witness prep session by sharing individual documents with participants as the session proceeds.

Remote participation: Individual users can attend a deposition or witness prep session remotely or even take an overseas deposition from their office.

Streaming text: Enables local and remote deposition participants to review exhibits and watch the real-time text feed from the court reporter, all in a single platform.

Presentation mode: The session leader can share a synced view of a document with the witness and other participants with the touch of a button.

Cost savings: Save hundreds or thousands of dollars by not having to print, copy or ship exhibits, plus save even more on travel costs when using the software remotely.

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About Advanced Discovery:

Advanced Discovery is an award-winning, end-to-end eDiscovery software and services provider, supporting law firms and corporations nationwide since 2002. Advanced Discovery offers project planning and budgeting, data preservation and forensic collection, early case assessment, hosted review, managed document review and more from its numerous state-of-the-art facilities across the country. The company employs leading professionals in the industry, applies defensible workflows and provides industry-proven technology across all aspects of the eDiscovery lifecycle. This devotion to excellence has earned Advanced Discovery inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US and recognition as a top provider by Legal Times, Texas’ Best and other publications. More information is available at

About eDepoze:

eDepoze, LLC is a litigation software company whose flagship product, eDepoze, is a collaborative, cloud-based software platform that brings new efficiencies to the disordered and paper-intensive phase of litigation following eDiscovery. eDepoze’s industry-leading deposition software combines a secure database with an iPad or web-based app interface to deliver the convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a paperless deposition while mirroring the familiar paper deposition process. eDepoze’s Witness Prep 2.0TM software brings the same benefits to the process of preparing witnesses to testify at deposition, arbitration or trial. eDepoze, LLC is headquartered in Lawrence, KS. For more information, visit

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