Software Platform Allows Attorneys to Mark, Distribute and Present Exhibits Electronically During Depositions & Other Post-eDiscovery Litigation Events.

Lawrence, KS – eDepoze announced today that it has added Cadence LegalCadence Legal Technologies as a reseller partner for its cloud-based litigation software platform, bringing new efficiencies for Cadence Legal’s clients when they use the eDepoze platform during depositions and other traditionally paper-intensive litigation events.

eDepoze’s software allows attorneys to use electronic documents as exhibits during all the litigation events after eDiscovery, including depositions, witness prep sessions, arbitrations, hearings, mediations, and trials. For each event, custom workflows in the software ensure that lawyers can use documents in the eDepoze system just like they always have worked with paper.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Cadence Legal Technologies to the eDepoze reseller program,” said Thadd Hale COO of eDepoze. “Cadence Legal has a great reputation and eDepoze fits nicely with their existing services.”

With eDepoze’s software, users securely upload potential exhibits to their account in advance of depositions and other events, avoiding the hassle associated with printing, copying and transporting paper exhibits. Case teams can work together in their eDepoze database as they prepare for upcoming events, sharing joint access and moving seamlessly from event to event as the case proceeds.

On the day of the event, all participants log into the eDepoze system and share in a joint session where they access and work with documents. During a deposition, for example, the software allows the leader to securely mark and distribute exhibits as the event proceeds. Other participants can annotate and retain personal copies of all exhibits in their individual accounts.

Litigation teams can collaborate during the deposition by using the software to communicate with other team members, share comments and annotations on exhibits, and even add new documents on the fly. After the deposition, case team members have immediate access to the official, stamped exhibits, allowing them to share and collaborate on newly marked and newly produced exhibits, even when covering multiple depositions happening in multiple areas during a compressed time frame.

With full mobile capability, the eDepoze platform also allows clients and attorneys to attend and even conduct events remotely without having to incur significant travel costs.

“Our clients were demanding a better way to depose clients while traveling, without the hassle and expense of shipping boxes of exhibits,” said Garnett Lee, President of Cadence Legal. “With eDepoze, we are now able to streamline this process. eDepoze allows our clients the option to travel to depositions with solely an iPad or laptop and leave the boxes of exhibits at home.”

The eDepoze system is easy to use and provides a number of features and benefits for law firm users:

  • Upload electronic case documents and media into the eDepoze platform, including directly from a Relativity® eDiscovery database.
  • Prepare for case events with individual and shared access to collections of documents.
  • Provide a witness with private access to review documents online when getting ready to testify.
  • Conduct a deposition by marking and distributing exhibits electronically using a laptop or tablet.
  • Distribute exhibits electronically during an arbitration hearing or trial, without carrying or flipping through paper exhibit binders.
  • Powerful yet simple presentation features eliminate the need to use complicated and expensive trial presentation software during an arbitration or trial.
  • Participate in events locally or remotely, with full mobile access.
  • Eliminates the need to print and copy paper exhibits, arrange them in binders, or ship them to remote locations, providing substantial cost savings to law firms and their clients.
  • Top-level security vetted by numerous law firms, government agencies, and corporations.

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eDepoze, LLC is a legal technology company whose litigation software platform is a collaborative, cloud-based system that brings new efficiencies to the disordered and paper-intensive phase of litigation following eDiscovery. The eDepoze system allows attorneys to mark, distribute and present electronic exhibits and other media during arbitrations, depositions, witness prep sessions, trials, hearings, and mediations, whether those events are attended in person or remotely. Litigation teams can use eDepoze’s software to collaborate together as they go from event to event, with all their files organized in one place. Our eDepoze team is headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas. For more information, visit

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