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Update Adds Tools to iPad App and Introduces Web Interface for Paperless Deposition Software

eDepoze, LLC, today announced the version 1.5 release of its paperless deposition software, adding powerful new tools to the product’s iPad app and introducing a new web-based app as an iPad alternative.

With the launch of the new Web App, eDepoze is broadening access to its industry-leading paperless deposition software for deposition participants unable to access the software via an iPad. The Web App allows users to log into deposition sessions from any supported web browser on an internet-enabled device. With many of the same capabilities of the iPad experience, the Web App allows users to access deposition exhibits, communicate with other participants, and save individual documents to local devices.

Additional features in the latest release include:

  •     Integration with Relativity® to allow documents to be imported directly for use as potential exhibits
  •     Improved document upload interface
  •     Optimized layout and group management
  •     Ability for members to access other depositions and cases after joining a deposition
  •     Enhanced access for guests to courtesy copies of exhibits

eDepoze was invented by litigator Shawn Kennedy to improve the paper deposition process by combining a cloud-based repository with an iPad interface. By securely uploading potential exhibits electronically in advance, but only sharing them as they are marked and introduced, eDepoze eliminates the cost and hassle associated with printing and transporting paper, supports remote depositions, keeps exhibits organized, and allows all parties to annotate and retain personal copies of all exhibits. The software was designed specifically to mirror the paper deposition process, and requires little technical know-how. Key features of eDepoze include:

  •     Paperless Depositions, using electronic documents as exhibits
  •     No printing, copying or shipping exhibits
  •     Instant access to official exhibits at no additional cost
  •     Ability to annotate personal copies of exhibits
  •     Take or attend depositions remotely
  •     Secure, cloud-based environment
  •     Access to documents anytime and anywhere
  •     Simple to use, intuitive iPad or web-based interface

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About eDepoze, LLC
eDepoze, LLC is a cloud computing company whose flagship product, eDepoze, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use cloud-based deposition software system that that delivers the convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a paperless deposition while mirroring the tried-and-true deposition process that litigators have used for decades. eDepoze, LLC is headquartered in Orange County, CA. For more information, please visit