Let’s face it, there are a lot of eDiscovery vendors out there – like CloudNine (shameless plug warning!).  But, how do you find out which vendor is right for you?  Ask a lot of questions, of course!  Here is an article that provides several good ones to ask.

This article in the Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute (PRI) Blog (Questions You Should Ask When Selecting An E-Discovery Vendor, written by David R. Hazouri, Esq.) covers questions that 1)are aimed at getting a sense for the vendor’s market position, business philosophy and long term stability, 2) attempt to drill down on the technical components of the vendor’s operations, and 3)seek to probe how the vendor proposes to handle your matter as you have generically described it.  Let’s take a look at each section of questions more closely.

Read the full article at http://www.cloudninediscovery.com/ediscoverydaily/here-are-some-questions-to-ask-when-selecting-an-ediscovery-vendor-ediscovery-best-practices/