Today’s post is short (especially by my wordy standards) but there’s an important call to action that should lead to more stories about innovation in the legal space.

Every week I get emails from legal tech companies, both established and up-and-coming, about how their products are disrupting the legal industry. Recently, I encouraged individual lawyers to get in touch and tell me about how they were leveraging technology, and now they’re reaching out to me as well. Today, I want to encourage two other groups to get in touch with me and tell me their story: Biglaw firms and corporate legal departments.

Earlier this Fall at Relativity Fest in Chicago (disclosure: I was a guest of kCura’s and they covered my travel and hotel costs), I had the opportunity to meet with Bryon Bratcher, the director of practice support at Reed Smith. Speaking to him not only gave me insight into how decision makers at law firms are evaluating technology vendors (something I plan on having Bryon on ATL to discuss), but it also showed me how creative some law firms are getting with technology solutions. Bryon happened to be getting an award at the conference for how his firm used Relativity for tracking consents in M&A deals. It was cool.

But I want to hear from MORE people like Bryon. If your law firm is doing something creative, this is your chance to get some good press highlight your firm’s innovative spirit. And the same applies to the folks in corporate legal. So whether you’re an in-house counsel or head of legal operations, and you’re getting creative with technology or just rethinking how a corporate legal department ought to function, I want to hear from you.

I see my role here at ATL as a connector. I want lawyers to know more about legal disruption, but I also want the technologists and the entrepreneurs out there to better understand how the legal industry works and how it it shifting so that they can provide the best solutions. Not sure if what you’re doing is cool? Email me and let me decide.

Zach Abramowitz is a former Biglaw associate and currently CEO and co-founder of ReplyAll. You can follow Zach on Twitter (@zachabramowitz) or reach him by email at

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