For an industry that only found its footing around 20-years ago, technology sure has a lot to answer for. From changing the way we socialize, to making it impossible to navigate without the aid of a phone, we use the term ‘disruption’ as a catch-all term to explain the breakneck speed at which things are changing. No industry has felt these changes as acutely as the legal profession. As a sector renowned for being built on tradition, how will the legal industry fare in the face of disruption?

Developments in technology often happen quicker than the law can keep up with. Just look at the way employment law has failed to keep up with employers vetting potential candidates on their social media profiles. While it’s illegal to discriminate based on religion, sexual preference or political affiliation, there is nothing to stop employers dismissing job seekers based on their beliefs, looks, or the company they keep. This is only one example, here are five other ways the legal profession has been turned on its head thanks to technology.

Family Law: The DIY Divorce

Divorces are infamously messy and can often take months or even years of drawn out arbitration with paperwork shuffling back and forth between each side’s representation. This process can now be handled in a mere six weeks. DIY divorces are on the rise and more and more estranged couples are looking to this cheap and cheerful option to dissolve their unions, divide their assets and make arrangements for their children. Clearly, this is only an option is amicable divorce settlements when the particulars have already been agreed by both parties, but if it can save those couples money and time, it is surely a move in the right direction.

Immigration Law: Online Applications

Probate: Digital Legacies

Conveyancing: Tech Startups Reign

Debt Collection: The Friendlier Solution

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