In any metro area, law firms are pretty much a dime a dozen. The legal market has become saturated across all the major practice areas like family law, estate planning, criminal defense, and personal injury. The highly competitive market makes it very difficult to get a new practice off the ground, let alone to grow it into a sustainable business. You really have to start your law firm with the right strategy in place, and it’s helpful to have a good idea of what’s working in the market today and what isn’t. So what makes a law firm succeed? In this post, we’ll explain the single most important thing that leads to longterm law firm success.

What Makes A Law Firm Succeed?

We have worked with thousands of law firms and seen the insides of some highly successful firms, and some not so successful ones. One thing has stood out consistently in all of the most successful firms, regardless of where they were located or what type of law they focused on, and it appears to be a key driver of their success.

The one thing that all of these firms have in common which seems to differentiate them from their less successful counterparts is that they have spent a lot of time implementing systematic and repeatable business processes.

That may not be the cutting-edge, mind-blowing, little-known secret that you were hoping for. In fact, it’s really pretty boring. But it’s also clear that it works.

Why? Because systematic processes make things simple, hold people accountable, and create structure in an organization. Without good processes, you are flying by the seat of your pants, which leads to inefficiencies and the inability to scale.

Here are just a few of the ways that creating systematic processes can help your law firm succeed:

Good Processes Help You Bring In More Clients

Most law firms struggle to grow because they have a hard time with marketing and bringing in clients. Marketing is tough enough as it is, but it’s especially difficult when you rely too heavily on an inconsistent stream of referrals, and you have no system for follow up, client intake, and conversion.

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