Code Red

Ever been frustrated at the inability to walk out of a deposition with immediate access to the official, stamped versions of the exhibits used during that deposition?

If so, you’re certainly not alone.

You might remember that feeling of angst that crept in as you watched the court reporter walk out after the deposition with the stack of paper exhibits. Would you see them in time to use them at the next depo later that week? Fearing the worst, you called that evening to implore the court reporting agency to expedite the scanning and get the exhibits to you ASAP. Sitting in your office a couple days later, you felt your stomach churn as you wondered how it could possibly take so long to scan a stack of exhibits.

In your inner turmoil, you might have felt like you were staring down your own personal Colonel Jessup:

Okay, maybe it’s never been quite that dramatic.

But the fact is that when you use paper for your deposition exhibits, you create the need for the court reporting agency to take possession of that stack of official, stamped exhibits and take the time to scan them so everyone can get a copy later. And your agency may bend over backwards to try to accommodate your desire to get the exhibits a day or two later, but there’s only so much they can do.

Good news: now you can avoid that frustration and delay entirely by not using those paper exhibits in the first place.

With eDepoze’s deposition software, you don’t have to print or lug around boxes of paper. Instead, you mark electronic documents as exhibits the same way you did with paper, giving immediate access to all attendees. As soon as a document is used as an exhibit, you and your whole case team have instant access to the official, stamped version of that exhibit.

There’s no need for the court reporter to walk out with a stack of paper because exhibits are all handled electronically. There’s no need to wait for the exhibits to be scanned because you already have them in your account. Mark a document as Exhibit 45 at a deposition in Philadelphia on Monday, then turn around and use that same Exhibit 45 at a deposition across town the following day, at the same time that your colleague is using the identical Exhibit 45 at a third deposition in Houston.

So if you believe – like we do – that you should be free to use your exhibits right away, contact us today to learn more about how you can avoid the scanning waiting game by employing the latest in legal technology from eDepoze.