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Cloud computing company eDepoze has added Court Reporters Exchange as a reseller partner for the company’s flagship product.

eDepoze, LLC has added Court Reporters Exchange as a reseller partner for its recently released cloud based deposition software. The new selling point will provide better access for attorneys who want to utilize the software that enables paperless deposition and electronic sharing of exhibits.

Court Reporters Exchange will be selling the software that combines a cloud-based repository with an iPad interface to provide an electronic deposition while still maintaining the benefits of the tried-and-true paper deposition exhibit process.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Court Reporters Exchange to the reseller program,” said Thadd Hale COO of eDepoze. “Court Reporters Exchange has a great reputation and eDepoze fits nicely with their existing services.”

With eDepoze, attorneys can replace stacks or boxes of paper exhibits with an iPad. They can introduce and share exhibits electronically using the eDepoze app and everyone participating in the deposition can receive exhibits as they are introduced. This can be done either locally or from a remote location while still allowing all participants to review and mark their own copies of the exhibits.

“We strive to offer our court reporting clients exceptional tools and services to help them successfully compete with local and national firms of any size. Our court reporter clients now have the opportunity to offer their clients innovative ways to introduce exhibits electronically. Instead of converting electronic discovery to paper and then back again, this technology can be used by attorneys and legal professionals to direct the flow of evidence in a more efficient way.” –Myles Megee, CREx Owner

The software utilizes an easy to use iPad interface that requires little technical know-how. Key features of eDepoze include:

  •     Access to documents anytime and anywhere
  •     Attend depositions remotely
  •     Paperless depositions, using electronic documents as exhibits
  •     Instant access to official exhibits at no additional cost
  •     No printing, copying or shipping exhibits
  •     Ability to annotate personal copies of exhibits
  •     Secure, cloud-based environment
  •     Simple to use, intuitive iPad interface

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About Court Reporters Exchange:
Court Reporters Exchange, LLC, is a company founded with the mission of providing exceptional administrative services to reporting professionals in the Kansas City region.

This business model helps the successful reporter working for an agency or for a state or federal court transition into an ownership role and can help the solo, independent reporter expand the services they currently offer.

From scheduling to collections, our services allow court reporters to focus on what they enjoy and what they do best. Successful reporters now have a great opportunity to build their own company instead of someone else’s or expand the services they currently offer and have more time to spend as they wish.

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About eDepoze, LLC :
eDepoze, LLC is a cloud computing company whose flagship product, eDepoze, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use cloud-based deposition software system—with an iPad interface—that that delivers the convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a paperless deposition while mirroring the tried-and-true deposition process that litigators have used for decades. eDepoze, LLC is headquartered in Irvine, CA. For more information, please visit