Having worked in the legal industry for nearly two decades, I’ve seen our industry undergo a number of changes throughout the years. Most recently, as the workforce has become more mobile and more tech-savvy it seems the changes are coming more rapidly than ever before.  As a result, law firms and corporate legal departments across the world have been forced to change as well. Where once they could get by with very little investment in the latest legal technology, now choosing and implementing the right software applications is top priority. The only challenge is determining which innovations to bet on.

I recently participated in a panel discussion on this very topic. We examined emerging technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and discussed their impact on the legal industry today and in the future. Some we ruled a flash in the pan, while others we agreed would be here to stay. If your business is sorting through the same puzzle pieces, these are the top five correlated trends you should be watching.

  1. Mobile Applications
  2. Movement To The Cloud
  3. Security
  4. Analytics
  5. Artificial Intelligence

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