I’m a firm believer that any business can get ahead by staying up-to-date with the latest technology. Consider a restaurant that brings your bill written out by hand on a paper ticket vs. one where the server brings a tablet and swipes your card directly at the table. Or think about walking into an Apple store, where there are no cash registers, but just helpful employees with iPhones checking out guests from anywhere. Seamless customer experiences like these create a better impression and give the business an essence of luxury. In this post, we’ll discuss three ways you can use tablets in your law office to create a more high-end, luxurious experience for your clients.

Filling Out Client Intake Forms

As you know, legal work involves a significant amount of paperwork, form filling, and data entry. But none of these tasks tend to feel “luxurious” at all – more like tedious and mind-numbing.

Transitioning from paper forms to digital ones is a great way to create a more seamless client experience. Not only is it easier to fill out an online from, which can be done from any device without having to download and print, but it also helps law firms save time by automating data entry, since the data does not have to be transcribed into a database later on.

Since many law firms will ask their clients to fill out some information on a client intake questionnaire in the office while they wait to meet with an attorney, this would be a perfect opportunity to use tablets to make the experience feel more high-end.

Lexicata’s client intake software includes customizable online intake forms for this very purpose. The forms can be sent out via email, or filled out by clients or staff in the office, and every form is designed to be mobile responsive so they will work on tablets, smartphones, or any other size digital devices.

Taking Consultation Notes

To really create a seamless client experience, every step of the way needs to be technology enabled. If you’re offering digital forms for your clients to fill out on a tablet, you shouldn’t be taking handwritten notes in a consultation. You can’t talk the talk unless you’re also going to walk the walk.

There are a ton of cool tablets on the market with sleek keyboards that you can use to input notes during a consultation. This looks more professional than writing them down on a yellow legal pad, and just like with the online forms, the notes won’t have to be transcribed or scanned into a database later on.

Tablets also provide the smaller size and increased mobility that many computers lack, which is great if you meet with clients outside your office. Plus, by minimizing the physical hardware between you and your client during a meeting, you’ll be able to de-emphasize that as the focal point and be more natural in your conversational. This helps build rapport and create a more personal connection.

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