In Witness Prep

Focus on Preparing Your Witness, Not Your Documents

Think about what you and your staff have to deal with because of paper…

Print & Copy

thousands of pages to set up multiple versions of witness prep binders

Lug or Ship

all those binders to the witness and to/from your witness prep sessions


between documents and struggle to get everyone on the same page


paper and reorganize binders every time you need to add documents

How Can Lexcity Help?

Lexcity takes the paper (and the hassle) out of your witness prep by giving you, your case team, and your witnesses and clients a central place to review and collaborate on documents that a witness may need to see before testifying in an upcoming deposition, trial, arbitration or elsewhere.

By ditching the paper and using documents in their electronic state for witness prep,  you get …

The Convenience

of no longer having to print, copy, folder, and lug or ship thousands of pages to/from your prep sessions

The Efficiency & Continuity

of giving your witnesses and team a single place to access all your documents before, during, and after your prep session

The Competitive Edge

that comes from using modern technology to decrease operational costs and boost productivity

How does it work?

Step 1. Upload Your Documents

Step 1. Upload Your Documents

Before your prep session(s), you or your staff create private virtual folders and upload your documents online, accessible by your whole case team.

Step 2. Invite Your Witness

Step 2. Invite Your Witness

Optionally, invite your witness to access the documents via email ahead of time. They can review, annotate, make notes, and save personal changes on their own time in advance of your witness prep session.

Step 3. Prep Your Witness

Step 3. Prep Your Witness

Log in to a live witness prep session where you can walk through specific documents with the witness and others on your team, either in person or remotely. Then continue to collaborate as often as necessary in the days and weeks leading up to the witness's testimony.


  • Monthly user license includesunlimited use in witness prep, depositions, hearings, mediation, trial and arbitration
  • Pricing is set by resellers (expected street price is around $100-$125/user/mo/case, depending on the number of users)