Be a Deposition Hero
Be a Deposition Hero
A Better Way
A Better Way
Why eDepoze?
Why eDepoze?
eDepoze litigation software enables a truly electronic deposition using a laptop or iPad and electronic exhibits. Designed for attorneys by attorneys, eDepoze retains the benefits of the paper process and allows both local and remote sharing of documents — all for about the cost of reproducing a single banker’s box.


Just like paper…

  • Maintain confidentiality of documents until each is introduced as an exhibit.
  • Exhibits are shared with all parties one-by-one in real time—same as handing the witness a paper document and passing copies around the room.
  • All parties get their own personal copies of all exhibits.
  • Personal exhibit copies can be highlighted, annotated, etc.

Better than paper…

  • No scanning, photocopying or delivery charges.
  • No advance shipping or carrying heavy boxes.
  • No wasting multiple paper copies.
  • Deponents, co-counsel, opposing counsel and even interested parties at remote locations all receive the exhibit simultaneously.
  • Remote depositions can be handled the same way as in-person depositions.
  • Exhibits can be shared via email, even during the deposition.
  • Maintain official versions of exhibits and personal, annotated copies.
  • All parties walk away with copies of exhibits on their iPads, without waiting for a litigation services company to scan, reproduce and deliver copies.
  • Documents are stored on a secure, cloud-based server.