Be a Deposition Hero
Be a Deposition Hero
Kill The Paper
Kill The Paper
A Better Way
A Better Way

eDepoze brings order and efficiency to the chaotic and paper-intensive phase of litigation following e-discovery.

laptop-ipadAfter collecting and reviewing electronic documents, do you still find yourself hassling with mounds of paper for your depositions and when preparing witnesses to testify? The eDepoze litigation software platform brings new efficiencies to those traditionally paper-intensive phases of litigation.

No longer do you need to print and copy documents days or weeks in advance, lug around or ship boxes of paper, or even be physically present at your depositions or witness prep sessions. Just upload electronic documents to your secure eDepoze account, then log into the eDepoze app on your laptop or iPad to conduct or attend a deposition or witness prep session.


Electronic Exhibits. Use a laptop or iPad to mark documents with custom exhibit stamps and instantly share exhibits with all deposition participants.

Familiar Process. Work with exhibits just like you always have. Keep potential exhibits confidential beforehand, mark and share individual exhibits on the fly, and provide each participant with personal copies of exhibits to annotate and save.

Remote Depositions. No need to travel to that deposition. Attend from your desk and receive exhibits the same time as those in the room.

NEW Streaming Text. Now you can review exhibits and watch the realtime text feed from the court reporter, all in a single platform.

NEW Presentation Mode. The deposition leader can share a synced view of a document with the witness and other participants with the touch of a button.


Electronic Documents. Set up a witness prep session in your eDepoze account and instantly upload electronic copies of relevant documents.

Secure Collaboration. Provide the witness and your entire litigation team secure access to documents to review beforehand.

Live Session. Conduct a live witness prep session – either in person or remotely – by sharing individual documents with the witness and all other participants as the session proceeds.

Flexible Access. Access and add new documents on the fly during the prep session.

Individual Usability. Take notes on the documents in your account before, during or after the prep session, maintaining individual copies of annotated documents and any shared versions.