When it comes to legal software, many attorneys have concerns and reservations about implementing and utilizing new technologies. At eDepoze, we run into this fear factor on a daily basis. With that in mind, we wanted to share an experience in hopes of calming some of the anxiety surrounding eDepoze and legal-tech in general.

eDepoze was used for a remote deposition in Moscow, Russia. While we are regularly used for remote depositions (especially internationally to skip the shipping complications), what makes this one unique was the makeup of the participants and the limited time it took to prepare.

There were 4 different counsel deposing the same witness during the one-day deposition. Each party had their own documents to electronically introduce. The deponent was in Moscow and the taking attorneys were at 4 different firms in Los Angeles and New York. Everyone was participating via video conference and the reporter was in Moscow with the witness. Logistically, this would have been tricky even under normal circumstances. What made it special for us is that 3 of the 4 parties had never used eDepoze and we were contacted for support on the Friday before the Monday deposition!

Our team set up the 4 parties and got them depo-ready in about an hour. All parties had their personal documents loaded into their private, virtual “boxes” and were comfortable with the easy-to-introduce process within minutes. After the deposition, the attorneys were thrilled with the outcome (one calling eDepoze “liberating”). A great example of the power of paperless and how legal technology can give you options that you never had before: all in a simple platform.

Whether your depositions are down the hall, across the city or around the world, utilizing electronic exhibits allows you to bypass the paper hassle and gives you a control over your depositions that you just don’t have with paper at a fraction of the cost. And let’s not forget the sharp impression it leaves with the witness, opposing counsel and more importantly, your client.

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Written by: Jeremy Lindahl