The Panamanian law firm, however, was far from the only legal organization to suffer a major hack in 2016. A recent survey published by the American Bar Association found an additional 26 percent of law firms with 500 attorneys or more experienced security breaches in the past year.

Given the recent instances of outside cyberattacks on the legal industry, it is clear that law firms must do more to improve IT security standards. Particularly for large firms with a global presence, poor cybersecurity processes leave multiple entry points for hackers to exploit. As cyberattacks continue to escalate, the legal industry will be faced with a choice: either address internal weak spots and strengthen security protocols or face damages (both financial and reputational) when the next hacker strikes.

Do you have a cybersecurity strategy in place at your law firm? Is it a company culture mindset or a directive? Which do you think is more effective in a law firm?

We really enjoyed the insights in this post from Legal IT Professionals on Cybersecurity. Read the article here.