For trial lawyers, the iPad is indispensable these days. It is used in trials and depositions to organize cases, present evidence, conduct research on the fly, pick jurors, and for a variety of other tasks.

In 2011 we reported on the emerging use of the iPad among litigators and we outlined the eight most popular apps for trial. In 2013, we updated that list to include 22 apps, and did so again last year (40 Essential Apps part one and part two).

Since then, some of the apps have been discontinued, some have changed names, and several new apps have been introduced. Here is our summary of the best.

eDepoze (free). This app was formerly named eDepoze, which is the name of the company that produced it. The app’s new name reflects the company’s new product, eDepoze. Previously, the app’s primary purpose was for presenting deposition exhibits. Now, the company markets it as a platform to handle electronic documents in all litigation events subsequent to e-discovery – witness prep, depositions, hearings, mediation, and trial or arbitration. Have your witnesses review documents online, then use your iPad to mark, distribute and present your exhibits. – See more at:

– See more at: