Technology touches every industry. And law is no exception. But as a busy attorney, how are you supposed to keep up on all of the new gadgets and software available? Thankfully, there are other attorneys and legal professionals writing about the latest trends, issues and concerns involving legal technology. By following a few choice blogs, you’ll be better informed on technology as it relates to the legal industry.

Here are 9 legal technology blogs we found that offer information on a wide variety of legal technology topics:

1. Advocate’s Studio – Martha Sperry is an attorney in the Boston area writing about legal technology. A few of her recent blog posts covered topics such as:

• Going paperless
• Cloud computing
• Apps for the iPhone and iPad

2. ABA Tech Show Blog – Written by a variety of writers, this blog involves different fields of technology. The blog published a handful of posts last year, all of which are worth reading. Recent topics covered:

• Security
• Backing up your data
• Adobe fillable forms

3. Attorney at Work – With new blog posts every day, this blog gives tips for the legal practice. Recent topics include:

• Marketing infographics for law firms
• Telephone communication tips
• Law firm website tips

4. Ball in Your Court – Craig Ball of Austin, Texas is a board certified trial lawyer, certified computer forensic examiner and electronic evidence expert. Recent topics include:

• Computer forensics
• E-discovery
• Gmail preservation

5. BlawgIT – Brett Trout is an attorney in Des Moines, Iowa. His blog focuses on internet law. Some of the recent topics covered are:

• Copyright law
• Patents and trademarks
• Right of publicity

6. – This blog, written by employees of Lexis-Nexis, focuses on search engine optimization for attorneys. Recent topics include:

• Blog post best practices
• Google analytics
• Content marketing

7. Compujurist – Nerino Petro is a former attorney and current practice management advisor for the State Bar of Wisconsin. Some recent topics include:

• Online client surveys
• Screen capture software
• Windows 8

8. Corcoran’s Business of Law – With a background in legal marketing, Timothy Corcoran’s blog covers law practice management, business and marketing. Recent topics include:

• Predictive analytics
• Big data
• ROI in a law firm

9. Court Technology and Trial Presentation – Ted Brooks is a trial presentation and legal technology consultant. His blog focuses on these areas. Recent topics include:

• Trial presentation
• Keyboards for iPads
• Cutting costs in trial

These are just a few resources you can go to for good legal technology information, and there are many more. If you have a specific topic on which you need information, search Google and you’ll find legal bloggers who are writing about it. By frequently reviewing these blogs, you can stay current on the technology you need to effectively manage your law firm.

Big H/T to Stevens-Koenig Reporting for bringing our attention to these blogs.