“Our future will be combining computers with humans, what I call the “augmented lawyer,” to give clients the best of both worlds.” ~ Ken Grady

Augment: “to make something greater…” This is exactly what Legal Tech’s “Augmented Reality” does – combine digital information with our own reality, to make it better.

Today, ‘Augmented reality’ is a common phrase that is now even reaching the legal industry and the impact it will make is huge. We will discuss how legal technology empowers lawyers to improve their practice, and become ‘Augmented lawyers’, the lawyers who will thrive at the cutting edge of legal practice.

Legal technology improves your firm’s processes

Legal technology is a must-have for every law firm that makes efficiency a top priority. There are two important reasons why specialized legal software can improve your business’s bottom line.

✔ It helps you greatly improve the way your legal team carries out existing tasks

✔ You can implement new, more flexible ways of providing legal services to clients

Here’s an excellent example of how legal tech speeds up existing processes and tasks completion. Jason is one of the attorneys we work with. He’s the MP of a firm, specializing in Construction law. His team works daily on the registration of construction companies, drafting, and negotiating contracts. Due to the nature of work, there are many deadlines which he and his team must meet, along with contracts and document preparation.


To ensure a fast, streamlined and accurate process, Jason sets automated reminders to his team for every important due date or task. The reminders can be related and have a reference to, for example, a matter, a client, or an invoice, so his team is fully aware of what these reminders are for. This simple example shows how tech enables MPs to allocate daily tasks and exactly the same logic applies to all other stages of the workflow.

Legal technology doesn’t just improve your workflow, it empowers you to adopt new methods, like Lean and Agile. The most comprehensive LPM solutions out there provide law firms with digital ‘Kanban boards’. The Kanban method prioritizes work and eliminates bottlenecks at work. If you’re curious about Kanban, see this article.

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