Editor’s Note: This curated blog post from David Bryden hits on an important point about cyber security. Given the “Panama Papers” leak last week, we are seeing more and more cybersecurity stories involving sensitive information. This is a core reason we value security in your use with eDepoze by eDepoze

The thought of having your personal information stolen by identity thieves is enough to keep you up late at night. Yet there is only so much an individual can do to protect his identity. The truth is that everyone is somewhat vulnerable to identity theft as we place our trust in a number of different organizations to safeguard social security numbers, birth dates, bank account information and other sensitive data. However, private citizens aren’t the only ones who need to be cognizant of the threat posed by cyber thieves.

Law offices are commonly targeted by digital attackers as they serve an abundance of clients. This is precisely why law firms represent such a juicy target for hackers.

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