These high-level points counsel should consider before and after a breach occurs in order to not be the one who didn’t do enough.

There is no mistaking it, cybersecurity and data breaches are now front and center of everyone’s mind. Just in the last month we have seen two governments—the Philippines and Turkey—get hacked, not to mention the massive amount of government-shaking data leaked as part of the Panama Papers. We have also seen governments creating more legislation around cybersecurity strategies, a good indication that they are trying to keep up with the times. For example, Australia just launched its new strategy in the later part of April.

One thing is resoundingly clear through all this. Nobody wants to be the one who didn’t do enough, let alone do nothing!

So, to start you on your journey of “not being that guy,” we thought we would put together eight high-level points of things to consider before and after a breach occurs.

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