Adjusting to a tech-centric legal world can be a tall order. But along the way of managing and securing information and preparing for upcoming data regulations, there is the excitement of innovation.

So was the focus of day three of Legalweek. The morning started with the session “AI: Challenges, Opportunities and Ethics Within the Field & How It Can Benefit People and Society,”, which put the much-hyped “artificial intelligence” technology in perspective. Here, the panelists noted that while AI may be holding the attention of lawyers everywhere, the technology is still in its early days and will require a significant amount of investment to launch. But once matured, it has the potential to transform almost every corner of law.

And it’s not just AI that attorneys will have to adjust to over the coming years. Sessions over day three covered how attorneys can navigate the use of social media to steer clear of ethical and legal pitfalls, the future of e-discovery law and international e-discovery, and a look at how Brexit will affect data privacy considerations.

Many of the issues will have little impact in the day to day operations of attorneys for some time. But they are on the horizon, and fast approaching. And before legal knows it, next year’s session will be sounding the wakeup call: the future is here.