As tech revolutionizes businesses as diverse as transportation, banking, and healthcare, is there an industry that is effectively “tech proof?” Naming the industries that have been reinvented by technology, one has remained conspicuously unchanged: The law.

A recent Wired article posited that these barriers are institutional, asserting, “…the lawyering business itself is set up in a way that resists efforts to move fast and break things…” The article offers examples such as competitive, proprietary tools held by law firms and a lack of tech in the courtroom as disincentives to innovate.

To a certain extent, this makes sense. There is no doubt a barrier to innovation in the courtroom; we are a long way off from juries using iPads to take notes in arguably the law practice’s most crucial arena.

However, there are many indications that the legal industry, in fact, is ripe for disruption. Here are 3 reasons why a legal tech revolution is just around the corner.

1. Law Firms Will Not Reign Supreme Forever.

2. A Changing Workforce Will Demand Disruption of the Status Quo.

3. Clients Are Demanding Innovation.

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