At kCura’s Relativity Roadshow in New York, kCura’s Gregory Houston explained how lawyers can leverage analytics for their practice.

Here’s a scenario: When a crew of NASA astronauts on Mars are confronted with a sandstorm, they have no choice but to abort their mission and flee the planet. However, in the process, the botanist in the crew, Mark, is struck by flying debris. Incorrectly presumed dead, he is left behind, struggling to survive with nothing but his skills, the planets sparse resources, and the crew’s few remaining supplies. Now, here’s the question: what is the movie in discussion?

If you follow current cinema, there’s a chance that you realize that I’m discussing the movie The Martian, and if you realized it, you were able to do so without actors’ names or the title itself. This was probably because you recognized certain “keywords” and co-occurrences of terms and phrases, which was enough to bring everything together. This, explained kCura solutions specialist Gregory Houston, is basically “what analytics does.”

Analytics Goes Mainstream

Analytics was the focus of the aptly named “Analytics for Attorneys Workshop” at kCura’s Relativity Roadshow in New York, NY on May 11. Here, Houston provided an audience of legal professionals with an overview of analytics, its functions and features, elaborating on the ways in which it stands to augment practices of cases of all sizes.

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