Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to Legaltech New York. This conference is hands down one of my favorite legal technology conferences in large part because of the people. This conference is one of the rare occasions where many of the best and brightest in legal technology are drawn to the same place at the same time.

So without fail, every time I attend Legaltech, I meet so many smart people with whom I have fascinating conversations about the impact of technology on the practice of law. This year was no exception. I learned a ton and walked away with lots of ideas and insight on the future of our profession. I also walked away wondering if I’d somehow acquired the superpower of invisibility — more on that in a bit.


eDepoze is another company that recently rebranded and expanded from an iPad app, eDepoze, to a full-featured cloud-based platform designed to streamline all post ediscovery events in a case. As I learned from eDepoze’s CEO, Shawn Kennedy, with eDepoze, lawyers can reduce reliance on paper documents and can instead annotate, mark, and present electronic exhibits during litigation events.

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